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By Emma Vidgen
31st Mar 2021

If February felt like Black Mirror and March was as un-real as The Bachelor, then the first few weeks of April feel like the deliciously simple fun of Ninja Warrior. Run around. Get sweaty. Try to win. Fall off something. Laugh. Repeat. Yep, Aries is like a breath of fresh air after the twilight zone we’ve been moving through, and once Mercury moves into Aries on 4 April, your drive to get sh*t done should really hit its straps.

It will feel busy and the potential to overcommit will be major. Just like Ninja Warrior, breaking things down into small, bite-sized pieces will be key to survival. Once Taurus season kicks off around 20 April things may slow… but it won’t be without drama. If you’re wanting to smash out a project, make the most of the momentum earlier in the month (especially 4–19th) and prepare for some surprises as we head into May.

Aries And Aries Rising


April is time to… take the next step
Make “why shouldn’t I?” your guiding light this month

Finally, the fires of Aries season have arrived, and we have some major movement happening. You know better than anyone Aries is all about confidence and getting it done, so capitalise on the momentum and take the next best step. From 4 April you’ll be pumped to have a crack at something that’s been weighing on your mind the past couple of months. You don’t need to have a perfectly refined game plan for the next two, five or 10 years, just muck in and have a go. Dare yourself to imagine, “What if things work out?”. Energy, motivation and clarity will be on fire the first few weeks so roll up your sleeves and have a red hot go.  April 17 looks like a particularly potent day for career conversations. Use your network and draw on that fiery optimism to come to a powerful agreement. After the 20th the bigger question marks hovering over this year will reappear. Stay scrappy and curious and you’ll be just fine.

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Taurus And Taurus Rising


April is a time to… take the next step
Be selfish about self-care

While the overall mood might be buzzier than last month, don’t be surprised if you’re just not feeling very social. With the Sun, Venus and Mercury moving through the part of your chart ruling solitude, you may be RSVP-ing “yeah, nah,” more than usual. Use the quieter bits (the first three weeks of April) to reset and tune into your intuition. Start a dream journal, schedule a spa weekend, take a digital detox or all of the above. Come the 20th when Taurus season rolls around, your energy levels should come back online with a bang. There’s a wildness to the last 10 days… the kind of spontaneity that leads to tattoos/piercings/regrettable haircuts (especially around the 23rd). Beware of handbrake energy on the 25th especially at work, then let it all hang out on the 27th when a full moon in Scorpio is the perfect chance to let loose.

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Gemini And Gemini Rising

21 MAY—20 JUNE

April is a time to… take the next step
Take the lead as a social conduit

Desperate to let off some steam? You’ve come to the right place. The start of April is primed for all the fun. It’s all systems go, especially between 4 and 14th when the part of your chart ruling your social life is on fire with Aries energy. Plan a potluck, book a girl’s weekend, organise a (random year) school reunion. You’ll be filling your dance card faster than you can say, ‘pass the Prosecco.’ Side note: off-the-cuff remarks could cause a sh*t storm in a matter of seconds on the 17th. After all that excitement you’ll need a lie down by the time Taurus season rolls around on 20th. It won’t be without its own special blend of drama, but if you lay low you might be able to avoid the crossfire. The full moon on the 27th is ideal for doing a little purging. If the tears come, let them flow. You’ll feel 100 per cent better for it.

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Cancer And Cancer Rising


April is a time to… take the next step
Step up to the plate at work

April is your month to step up; not in the Jenna Dewan sense (although dancing is always a good idea) but in terms of kicking goals at work. With three planets hanging out in the part of your chart ruling career between 4—14th April, the time is perfect for you to push yourself. Ask for the raise, go for the promotion or accept the secondment. Whatever’s been weighing on your mind but felt a little too scary to press “go” on, April is your time to shine. It’s all systems go until then, so make the most of the extra swagger. Around the 17th things could get tense, especially in love. After the 20th the mood changes—with a few more curveballs. Fasten your seatbelt, expect a little turbulence and make sure you let your hair down come the 27th for the Scorpio full moon.

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Leo And Leo Rising


April is a time to… take the next step
Get away, and get out of your comfort zone

How often do you get outside your comfort zone? A little-known Leo fact is, you’re susceptible to staying in situations that feel safe. Granted, safe for you might be under a blazing spotlight, but it’s your own special kind of security blanket, nonetheless. This month your challenge is to do something brave. Extra points if it expands your horizons or makes you rethink the way you see the world. It doesn’t have to be huge. Start small—try eating a type of food you’ve hated since you were a kid or go on a road trip without Google maps. The 17th looks a little intense, so don’t be surprised if conversations go from 0 to hectic in a matter of seconds. After the 20th things feel a little more edgy, especially on the job. Stay open to possibilities (particularly on the 23rd) and remember to schedule downtime around the 27th when a full moon offers an opportunity to clear the air at home.

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Virgo And Virgo Rising


April is a time to… take the next step
Face a phobia head on

No sign is less afraid of hard work than Virgo, and this month you’ll be called to roll up your sleeves and face some tough stuff you might prefer to ignore. As the sun, Venus and Mercury activate the part of you chart ruling fears (4—14 April), debt and sense of control, the skies are primed to help you clean out your emotional closet. Aries energy emboldens us to step up, even when we’re terrified. This month you have the chance to look at a fear or phobia square in the eye and say, “You’re not the boss of me!” It may feel daunting (especially around 17 April) but breaking it down into manageable steps will play to your analytical strengths. Once Taurus season kicks off on 20th the broader themes of this year will come back into focus. Stay flexible (as always) and you’ll be able to roll with the punches.

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Libra And Libra Rising


April is a time to… take the next step
Make the first move

With a natural fear of saying the wrong thing, you can find yourself compromising to the point of defeat. Agreeable, empathic, cooperative—when it comes to love, you’re a team player, but this month (especially between 4—20 April) is your chance to get a little bit feisty. April is an excellent time to assert yourself and go for what you want. If you’re single, harness the bolshy Aries energy to make the first move. If you’re in the early stages of something lukewarm, cut the cord. Be decisive. Don’t settle. You deserve a love nothing short of the praise hands emoji. If you’re in a relationship, make it your mission to do at least one thing spontaneous, fun and surprising with your other half. The 17th looks especially powerful if you need to have tough conversations. After the 20th you might feel less courageous, so enjoy the fun while the going is good.

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Scorpio And Scorpio Rising


April is a time to… take the next step
Get on top of a bad habit

The underlying uncertainty of 2021 is not something Scorps enjoy, but this month you have the chance to claw back a sense of control. Focus on the things you can change; you’ll be astonished by how much better you feel. The first few weeks (particularly 4—20 April) are perfect for ditching a bad habit or establishing a healthy one. The sense of power taking charge of something—even something small—is exactly what you need right now. The focus shifts in the final 10 days of the month as Taurus season brings the noise…and the surprises. The 23rd looks like a bolt of lightning on the romance front—stay open to the possibility of something electrifying and unexpected. On the 27th the full moon is perfect for an emotional purge. Cry, howl, dance. It’s all about big feelings. Don’t hold on, just let them move through you.

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Sagittarius And Sagittarius Rising


April is a time to… take the next step
Make play your #1 priority

All year you’ve been waiting—probably not patiently—for things to start happening. Finally come the 4 April, the can-do vibes of Aries season hits its straps. It’s action stations in the most fun parts of your life until the 20th as you get a delicious boost of “yes, we can” energy. This window is *chefs kiss* for putting yourself out there, so dare yourself to do something a little bit crazy. Try stand-up comedy, buy a guitar or audition for The Amazing Race. Ask yourself, “What if it worked out?” then give yourself permission to go for it. Make art, make love, make people laugh; just make sure you’re having fun while you do it. When Taurus season kicks off, the longer-term themes of 2021 will come back into focus so make hay (and/or roll in it) while the sun shines.

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Capricorn And Capricorn Rising


April is a time to… take the next step
Stand up for yourself with family

Keeping things on an even keel is probably something you do without noticing, especially when it comes to your family. Your 20/20 long term vision means you tend not to fly off the handle, but standing up for yourself is in order this month. Between 4–14 April, the skies invite you to be a little bolder and more direct than usual, especially at home. That could manifest as backing someone up in a fight with Aunt Jo or (finally) telling your partner you’ve never liked their spag bol. It may all sound decidedly abrasive, but Capricorn being Capricorn, you’ll find a way to raise your voice without actually raising your voice. The 17th looks extra intense for deep conversations so if that’s your day for speaking up, know it’s sure to have a dramatic impact. Taurus season (20 April onwards) promises a few surprises (especially on the 23rd) then on the 25th negotiation could grind to a halt. Patience is your greatest asset. Use it.

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Aquarius And Aquarius Rising


April is a time to… take the next step
Speak up about something that’s been bugging you

“2021 was a hard year”—you, in April. Yes, it’s been a time for you more than most, but the first few weeks of April offer a bit of a break. This month as Aries activates the part of your chart ruling communication, meaning the time is perfect for you to speak up. Between 4—19 April you’ll be emboldened by a newfound confidence to say your piece. If something has been bothering you, speak now. It’s also an excellent window for writing, so if you’ve been agonising over redoing your CV, pitching for new business or launching your website, now is the time. Concentrate on the here and now. Take steps that will give you immediate results. Small, manageable tasks make your goals feel less overwhelming. Once Taurus season begins on the 20th things feel more intense. A surprise on 23 April connected to home or family could leave you speechless. Don’t be discouraged by roadblocks on the 25th and give yourself permission for a dance/scream/cry on the full moon come the 27th.

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Pisces And Pisces Rising


April is a time to… take the next step
Face a financial fear

Money will be front of mind this month with Aries season inspiring you to feel a little bit spendier than usual. The stars are set to inspire financial swagger especially between 4—19 April. It’s the sort of energy that could easily escalate into overcommitment, as you leave a swathe of Afterpays in your wake. But equally, if you’re game, it’s a solid time to take control of your cash and give yourself some goals. Set yourself up for success by creating realistic targets; small, easy wins are the key to longer-term success. After the 20th the mood changes as the bigger issues of 2021 resurface. If you’re not clear on what those are yet, think back to the issues that were coming up a lot for you in February. The full moon on 27th is the perfect time to get away from the everyday so consider taking some leave and doing a long weekend away.

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Emma Vidgen is a writer, astrologer and meditation teacher. She is also the co-founder of The Wayward, a site dedicated to demystifying the mystical and doing life differently. Follow her on Instagram at @emma_vee and @thewayward.co or book a reading.
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